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For students and labour migrants

Simple, quick and clear communication with tenants is invaluable for a rental company. This is how to make contact. GuestCompass goes a step further: with keyless entry, managing access, keys, and tenant changes becomes a breeze, not a hassle.

As a property manager you want to be close to your tenants: to answer questions, offer assistance or simply be a nice host. With GuestCompass, you're always in reach.

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Discover the advantages of GuestCompass for housing.

Direct communication with tenants

The elevator is broken, the plumber is at the door or the internet is down. Reason enough for tenants to grab the phone right away. Thanks to GuestCompass this is a thing of the past: inform residents in a few clicks of planned work, activities or other relevant information. That extra moment of attention makes all the difference.

Mobile entry

Access to the home without a physical key: thanks to keyless entry, tenants can enter using only their phone. Easy, fast and convenient - for residents, but also for you. For example, are there many and frequent changes? Thanks to automated digital key distribution and collection, this is no longer an issue. Two thousand arrivals in one week, no problem.

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Facility management

Janitors, mechanics, contractors and plumbers: you give them easy access to galleries, attics, basements, storage and other technical areas. No more endless searching for the right key, just open the app, click and enter. More convenient, clearer, safer. And with our management module, subcontractors do the key management themselves. So you don't have to worry about it. 

Build your brand

Create a single point of contact with the resident. Integrate various information channels and ensure resident self-sufficiency. GuestCompass designs the app entirely in your corporate identity. Colors, fonts, language, and tone of voice. This way, you distinguish yourself and become recognizable to your tenants. Opening the door becomes a moment of connection.

What people say about us

Specific layout preferences I had were seamlessly implemented. This way, you truly have your 'own app' as a hotel, without guests needing to download a physical app.

Juliette Hilders - Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim
Marketing and Communications Manager

Thanks to GuestCompass, our contracting parties now manage access for their technicians to the technical spaces themselves. There is always access, and no more keys are lost. This saves a lot of time and money and provides tremendous convenience!

Jeroen Rous - Lieven de Key, Amsterdam
Program Manager Innovation

Shifting from physical keys, tags or tokens to mobile phone access is a significant undertaking. GuestCompass supported us at every step, understanding it is not just about technology but also about people.

Sunniva Roux - Anker STI, Oslo
Housing Director

Specs and features

App and web

GuestCompass is available as both app and web app. Just as easy to use on a phone, laptop or tablet. 


GuestCompass integrates with existing systems, such as an intercom or ERP system. You can even set up a fully automated check-in process.

Targeted communication

Communicate in a targeted, personal and premises-specific way - ideal for new residents. Where the washing machine is, what to do with your trash and what the house rules are? They discover it in GuestCompass.

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Tune it yourself

We customize the app for your organization. Then you can easily adjust all the information and content yourself. And no, you don't have to be a programmer to do it. 

Continuous support

Not sure how to adjust that particular text box, or want to schedule a push message? One email or call and we'll help you out.


Tenants from all over the world? No problem: GuestCompass offers a multilingual online environment and an automatic translation function. 


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