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For maintenance & transport

From electricians to plumbers to central heating engineers to transporters: subcontractors who need access to technical areas on a daily basis. Continuously distributing and collecting physical (master) keys is both disorganized and insecure.

With GuestCompass' mobile entry system, you take back control over key issuance, access rights, subcontractor management and compliance. And GuestCompass' online environment provides insight into the comings and goings of engineers and subcontractors.

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Discover the advantages of GuestCompass for service and logistics 


With GuestCompass you decentralize the key system: you give subcontractors digital access keys, they make sure they get to the right technician, handyman or driver - without having to keep driving back and forth. That's faster and more efficient. With GuestCompass, the right key is always in the right place. 

Maintain control

As a client you want to keep track of the ins and outs of subcontractors. GuestCompass provides that: thanks to an audit trail, you can always see what, where and when is happening. And by means of adjustable rights structures, access is easily granted and withdrawn.

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Be compliant

To grant daily access to technical areas, it is often necessary to comply with (local) laws and regulations. With GuestCompass you can be sure that key and access rights are in order, so that only technicians with the right qualifications can enter. 

Integrate work processes

Integrate information about the location of technical rooms or have technicians or drivers take photos before and after the work. It is also possible to add safety questions before access is granted. With a custom app, the possibilities are endless.

What people say about us

Specific layout preferences I had were seamlessly implemented. This way, you truly have your 'own app' as a hotel, without guests needing to download a physical app.

Juliette Hilders - Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim
Marketing and Communications Manager

Thanks to GuestCompass, our contracting parties now manage access for their technicians to the technical spaces themselves. There is always access, and no more keys are lost. This saves a lot of time and money and provides tremendous convenience!

Jeroen Rous - Lieven de Key, Amsterdam
Program Manager Innovation

Shifting from physical keys, tags or tokens to mobile phone access is a significant undertaking. GuestCompass supported us at every step, understanding it is not just about technology but also about people.

Sunniva Roux - Anker STI, Oslo
Housing Director

Specs en features

App and web

GuestCompass is available as both app and web app. Just as easy to use on a phone, laptop or tablet. The large, clear buttons make the (web) app easy to use from the first time.

All information in one place

Every technical room is different. Which entrance should you use, where is the hydrophore pump and what do you have to watch out for? The technician finds it in GuestCompass.


From invoicing to asset management and job tickets, GuestCompass integrates with other systems. We are happy to discuss options.


De key technische deuren
De key technische deuren locaties
De key technische deuren kralenbeek

Fine tune it yourself

We customize the app for your organization. Then you can easily adjust all the information and content yourself. And no, you don't have to be a programmer to do it. 

Continuous support

Just not clear how to adjust that one text box, or why technicians see information from another building? One email or call and we'll help you out.


Contractors from all over the world? No problem: GuestCompass offers a multilingual online environment and automatic translation function.

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