Impact for home & clinic

GuestCompass supports healthcare institutions by connecting them with their clients and their loved ones. Through the webapp you inform about: the location, processes, maybe the recovery and the practice. 

But GuestCompass is also of value in extramural care: the keyless entry system gives home care workers access to a home without wasting time or inconveniencing the resident. GuestCompass allows for more time and attention for the person who really matters: the client.

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Discover the advantages of GuestCompass for healthcare institutions.

Digitally up-to-date

The physical room directory is outdated. GuestCompass provides clients with relevant, up-to-date information in a digital folder. Think of rehabilitation exercises or planned group activities. Our platform also offers information to loved ones, for example through direct access to the weekly agenda and practical information about the care facility.

Overview and control

Medicine cabinets, drawers or technical areas: places that not just anyone can enter. With mobile access from GuestCompass, you can easily decide and monitor who has access. In this way you maintain an overview, and the attention is where it belongs: with the client. The digital solution from iLOQ makes implementation fast and easy. 

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Keyless entry for home care

People are increasingly living longer at home, even if their health is deteriorating. In many cases, home care workers are at the door from early morning until late at night. Someone with mobility problems is often unable to open the door. Keyless entry from GuestCompass lets care in, and worries out. 

Tailored to your needs

GuestCompass designs the app entirely in your corporate style. Colours, fonts, language, and tone of voice: the control is in your hands. Do clients need large buttons in bright colours or extra clear explanation screens? We translate every care request into a matching web app.

What people say about us

Specific layout preferences I had were seamlessly implemented. This way, you truly have your 'own app' as a hotel, without guests needing to download a physical app.

Juliette Hilders - Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim
Marketing and Communications Manager

Thanks to GuestCompass, our contracting parties now manage access for their technicians to the technical spaces themselves. There is always access, and no more keys are lost. This saves a lot of time and money and provides tremendous convenience!

Jeroen Rous - Lieven de Key, Amsterdam
Program Manager Innovation

Shifting from physical keys, tags or tokens to mobile phone access is a significant undertaking. GuestCompass supported us at every step, understanding it is not just about technology but also about people.

Sunniva Roux - Anker STI, Oslo
Housing Director

Specs and features

Web app

App download? No need. Clients simply use GuestCompass in a browser on their laptop, smartphone or tablet.


The web app allows clients to do more than just view information. Curtains closed and lights off when you're already in bed? GuestCompass makes it possible.

Easy to use

GuestCompass works without a complicated navigation menu. The large, clear buttons make the (web) app easy to use, from the very first time. 

Valerius zorghotel
Valerius zorghotel Kamermap
Mockup sint jacob veelgestelde vragen
Mockup sint jacob homescreen


External care parties, such as Caren Zorgt, are linked easily. This gives the client a single starting point for all communication.

Fine-tuning yourself

We customise the app for your organisation. Then you can easily adjust all the information and content yourself. And no, you don't have to be a programmer to do it. Just like that.

Continuous support

Not clear how to adjust that particular text box, or why the activity schedule of this week is not visible? One e-mail or phone call and we will help you.

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