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Anker STI, a leading student housing provider in Oslo, Norway, faced a challenge. With 1800 units spread across nine buildings, they needed to quickly replace an outdated access system in 500 of their units. The solution? GuestCompass and iLOQ Norway teamed up to implement an innovative and customized Anker App, transforming not only access management but also significantly improving communication and information provision to the students.

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The Problem: An Outdated Access System

The existing access system for 500 of Anker STI's units was outdated and no longer supported by the supplier. This unexpected challenge required a quick and effective solution to ensure security and accessibility for the students.

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The GuestCompass solution

In collaboration with iLOQ Norway and installation partner R. Bergersen, the 500 units were swiftly transitioned to iLOQ with the customized Anker App. This process involved an extensive communication and implementation journey to familiarize both Anker's staff and the students with the new mobile key technology. A team from Anker visited locations in Amsterdam to understand the process, with representatives from operations, engineering, maintenance, and real estate planning.

Communication with the students was carefully planned and included various steps, from general announcements to specific explanations and even a registration demonstration during a pizza party. This ensured that all parties were onboard with the transition from physical keys to unlocking doors with their mobile phones.

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Why GuestCompass?

The choice of GuestCompass over competitors was clear. GuestCompass not only offered the capability to control iLOQ hardware, but the added value of the app's communication features was invaluable. The access moment was transformed into a point of contact, reducing the pressure on the reception and making students more self-reliant.

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Special considerations

One of the notable features of this implementation was the speed at which it was carried out. The new access systems were installed and operational within a short timeframe. Furthermore, there are plans to integrate Anker's commercial rental units into the mobile key story, further enhancing efficiency and security.

Partner collaborations

This successful transformation of access and communication was made possible through the close collaboration with iLOQ Norway and R. Bergersen as the installation partner. The synergy between these companies resulted in a seamless implementation and satisfied customers.

Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of GuestCompass's mission. With the implementation of the Anker App with iLOQ integration, GuestCompass has demonstrated that they are the ideal partner for organizations seeking modern, secure, and efficient access and communication solutions, even in complex environments such as student housing. Anker STI can now confidently face the future, knowing that their students are safe and well-informed, thanks to GuestCompass.