De Zeeuwse Stromen

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"At GuestCompass, we love REAL contact! In line with this philosophy, we also visit our customers in person. Together with the user, we ensure that you get the most out of it. This time, Thomas is visiting Hotel de Zeeuwse Stromen with Monique van Hoof!"

Zeeuwse stromen

How has GuestCompass improved your guest journey?

We see GuestCompass as an extension of our personal guest approach and certainly not as a replacement for it. It is an easy way to provide our guests with relevant information at the right time (when they are in the hotel). All information about the room, the hotel, and the area is neatly bundled in one web app. The web app addresses some common questions. As a result, our receptionists have extra time to create added value at the moments when they can truly make a difference.

Which specific feature of GuestCompass do you appreciate the most?

For me, there are two. Through the digital room directory, our guests have all relevant (stay) information at their fingertips. Additionally, the digital aspect allows us to keep the information up-to-date without having to print room directories constantly. We also like the option for dynamic feedback. If a guest unexpectedly provides us with negative feedback, we can take action before the guest checks out. By resolving the issue during the stay, we can prevent a potential negative review.

How has the use of GuestCompass influenced your operations?

The web app has made us more systematic in certain areas, such as processing guest surveys. Where we used to provide our guests with a printed survey, much of this data is now processed automatically. Guests can easily find certain information themselves, which, in some cases, reduces the pressure on the reception, especially regarding common questions.

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Do you have a specific example of how GuestCompass has solved a particular problem?

Certainly. I remember an incident earlier this year. We received a notification from a dissatisfied hotel guest. The reason for the low rating was that the TV remote control wasn't working. Subsequently, one of our colleagues contacted the guest and replaced the batteries. The guest was pleasantly surprised by our prompt response.

Would you recommend GuestCompass to other hotels, and if so, why?

For several reasons, "yes." The web app is user-friendly, both for guests and for hoteliers. The web app doesn't require installation and is easy to use. In fact, it's an extension of your personal guest contact, and, importantly, the web app is affordable.