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"At GuestCompass, we value REAL contact! With this in mind, we also visit our customers in person. Together with the user, we ensure that you get the most out of it. This time, Thomas is visiting De Wilmersberg and is meeting with Esmeralda"

How has the use of GuestCompass affected your operations?

We actively direct guests to GuestCompass during check-in through our personalized city map, key card, and lobby tablet, making it easy for guests to find GuestCompass and find answers to their most common questions through the displayed information.

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Do you have a specific example of how GuestCompass has solved a particular problem?

On a smaller scale, it has often happened that during busy moments at the reception, guests couldn't reach us by phone. However, thanks to GuestCompass, they still had the opportunity to directly book a late check-out. On a larger scale, GuestCompass has generated more feedback and reviews via TripAdvisor for us because we ask for a review on the homepage, which is linked to TripAdvisor.

Would you recommend GuestCompass to other hotels, and if so, why?

Certainly, it's an additional tool to enhance the guest journey. On the hotel's own website, you don't want to overload it with information that isn't relevant before the guest's stay. Details about how a safe works, the TV, or the best places to have lunch are only applicable during the stay, making GuestCompass an ideal platform to provide more comprehensive information to the guest.