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Integration with POS (Point of Sale) system.

In the world of hospitality, everything revolves around exceeding guests' expectations and delivering a seamless experience.

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In the hospitality industry, the primary focus is on surpassing visitor expectations and providing a seamless experience. A beachfront resort has achieved these objectives by embracing an innovative blend of technological solutions. This article explores how these technologies, in collaboration with various partners, have contributed to enhancing the guest experience.


The Starting Point

A hotelier understood the importance of creating a distinctive and effortless experience for their visitors. There was a desire to establish a seamless connection between the guests, their accommodations, and the dining and drinking facilities within the hotel. The challenge was to effectively integrate various systems to achieve this.

The solution

With the GuestCompass communication platform and cloud-based mobile key technology in their arsenal, GuestCompass developed an innovative approach to transform the guest experience. GuestCompass played a crucial role by enabling the integration of the hotel PMS and the POS system. A key aspect of this solution was the ability to provide each guest with a unique QR code directly linked to their hotel bill. When guests made purchases in the hotel, they could easily display the QR code on their smartphone to the staff. The staff then used handheld devices to scan the QR code, instantly adding the purchases to the guest's bill. This process not only simplified billing but also ensured a seamless and efficient service for the guests.

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Partner collaboration

A crucial aspect of this project was the collaboration with various partners. GuestCompass worked closely with hardware suppliers and other software (PMS) providers to ensure that the systems could communicate seamlessly. This required in-depth technical cooperation and integration to ensure that the QR codes were generated and interpreted correctly.

Waarom GuestCompass?

Waarom koos Hotel Delfins voor GuestCompass in plaats van een concurrent? Het antwoord ligt in de kracht van de samenwerking tussen GuestCompass, Hotek, MEWS en Untill. Hotel Delfins profiteerde van het gebruik van de mobiele sleuteltechnologie van Hotek, terwijl GuestCompass de benodigde brug sloeg tussen MEWS en Untill. Deze samenwerking maakte het mogelijk om een unieke en geavanceerde oplossing te bieden die aansloot bij de specifieke behoeften van het hotel.

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Wijdverbreide Toepassing

A notable aspect of this project is that the created solution is now available to all affiliated customers. This means that other hotels and hospitality businesses can benefit from the same innovative approach to enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiency. By smartly integrating technology, they have created a seamless and unique experience that is now accessible to others in the industry. This is a clear example of how innovation and collaboration continue to transform and enhance the hospitality industry.

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