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Smart digital access for maintanance areas

Lieven de Key has more than 90 contracted parties responsible for planned maintenance and emergency repairs. These parties employ 800 technicians in the field. Technicians were given access to all 150 properties using regular keys. The overview and management of these (master) keys had deteriorated over more than a century of Lieven de Key's existence.

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In the world of social housing, Lieven de Key is known as a prominent player with as many as 150 properties. With the goal of fully digitizing access to their buildings, Lieven de Key chose an innovative approach in collaboration with GuestCompass and iLOQ cylinders. This article reveals how this collaboration resulted in an efficient, secure, and cost-saving access management system."

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Why did they choose GuestCompass?

The choice of GuestCompass was based on its seamless integration with iLOQ on both the SDK and API fronts. This allowed for the development of a fully customized app, including specific information about the properties. This level of customization was a crucial factor for Lieven de Key.


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More than 800 technicians from 90 different companies now have streamlined, digital access to Lieven de Key properties. Significant savings have been realized by eliminating the time previously spent on collecting and returning physical keys. Lieven de Key now has full visibility and control over who has access to their properties, significantly enhancing security.

This project is a prime example of how digital innovation, collaboration, and the right partners can lead to substantial improvements in operational efficiency and security within the social housing sector. GuestCompass is proud of the role they played in helping realize Lieven de Key's vision for a future of secure, digital access.

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The challenges

Lieven de Key faced two major challenges. Firstly, they needed an online management tool that allowed 80 different contracting parties to easily perform digital key management for their technicians. Of course, this had to be done in the cloud and be highly user-friendly. Secondly, there was the immense task of installing iLOQ cylinders on more than 1500 technical doors in properties ranging from 3 months to 300 years old, with all the complex access requirements that this entailed.

How did GuestCompass handle this?

In close collaboration with Isero and Lieven de Key, various implementation plans were developed and tested. Since not all floor plans and existing keys were available, Isero played a crucial role by capturing data in the Ed Controls tool for long-term insight. The modularity of iLOQ hardware allowed Isero to work flexibly, meaning doors didn't need to be measured before ordering digital cylinders. This saved as much as 12 months of time! Through intensive cooperation with Lieven de Key and the key contracting parties, GuestCompass developed the shared management tool with its accompanying app. These tools were continuously adjusted and refined after deployment in collaboration with the technicians to maximize user-friendliness.