What is the added value?

Online guest experience

The guest has many online touchpoints during their stay at the hotel. These touchpoints offer an opportunity to get closer to the guest and prevent third parties and other brands from taking the guest relationship away. How to handle this varies depending on the situation. Check below to see what the impact might be for you.


Independent hotel

The owner of an independent hotel essentially has twenty different roles, from sales, IT, and HR to head of the kitchen, finance, and operations. As if that weren't enough, social media and the internet have been added to the mix. Facebook, Twitter, (responsive) websites, SEO, AdWords, OTAs, and email marketing are daily tasks that didn't exist a decade ago. Especially now, as the boundary between online and personal guest interactions is becoming increasingly blurred, it is crucial to adapt as an independent hotel. GuestCompass empowers the hotel and its employees to leverage your unique selling points and personal interactions online during the guest's stay. This helps maintain and strengthen your own brand and the direct guest relationship. Initially, the focus is on providing the ultimate guest experience, but it also aims to generate more direct bookings, increase in-room sales, and create more and better reviews.

A chain of hotels

Guest experience, loyalty, and rebooking are all aspects that receive a strong focus within local hotel chains, where synergy can be maximized. Through your own online platform, you can get even closer to the guest, allowing direct communication with them between stays. This is ideal for filling up quiet months and promoting the various hotels to each guest. What's unique about our platform is that even a hotel group with different hotel styles can give each hotel its own design. This is the way to experience your unique offerings online and strengthen brand awareness and guest loyalty programs. In summary, it leads to a complete guest experience, more direct bookings, higher in-room sales, and more and better reviews.

Franchise hotel

How do you ensure that you maintain your local identity and competitive edge within joint sales and marketing initiatives? Are individual Facebook pages used, or is this managed corporately? Often, websites are centrally managed to achieve synergy and uniformity. This works well because the website focuses on conversion. Information like beautiful photos, reviews, location, availability, and pricing can be controlled centrally. However, the website is not visited or minimally visited by guests who have already checked in. Online touchpoints during the stay are focused on local interactions. GuestCompass offers each hotel the opportunity to establish online contact with the guest during their stay, allowing you to fully manage the guest relationship independently of third-party brands. This is the way to experience your unique offering online, enhance brand awareness, and strengthen your guest loyalty program. In summary, it leads to a complete guest experience, more direct bookings, higher in-room sales, and more and better reviews.

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Bed & Breakfast

While guestbooks, information folders, and brochures were sufficient for a long time, today's B&B guests expect more information to be available online. Where can I dine out, what's happening this week, how can I rent a car, or order a taxi? These recurring questions can be easily addressed with a personalized web app. Initially, it's aimed at enhancing the guest experience, but, of course, it also aims to generate more direct bookings and create more and better reviews.

Vakantiepark & Camping

You easily and guest-friendly share all your park information with your guests. All facilities, offers, and recreational programs are beautifully and easily accessible online. Guests always have the most up-to-date information. This way, you save time, handling at check-in, printing costs, and welcome packages. It becomes easier for guests to order and reserve extras, resulting in higher revenue and an enhanced guest experience.

Serviced apartments & aparthotels (short stay)

The significant advantage of GuestCompass for serviced apartment organizations is the ability to be close to your guests at all times. From the moment they leave the check-in location to when they are in their apartment. In the apartment, guests use your own GuestCompass for all instructions within the unit, from the TV and washing machine to the dishwasher. Furthermore, guests feel right at home with tips about the immediate area, such as where to shop for groceries, find a nice restaurant, and how public transportation works. If there are any issues, guests can use the live chat function, submit a form with a photo, or simply give you a call. Everything is accessible through their own phone, so even when they go out into the city, they still receive assistance. Additionally, our Review Accelerator ensures that more 8+ reviews are left on platforms like TripAdvisor or Zoover through the GuestCompass.

Online contactmomenten

GuestCompass empowers hotels of all sizes and their employees to serve as online guides for guests, representing their own name and brand. The goal is to surprise and connect with guests, resulting in a stronger brand, more and better reviews, and increased referrals. Additionally, GuestCompass provides guests with a fantastic additional experience that leads to less time spent on the internet and more time dedicated to their vacation.