Open Sesame

Domotics and access, all in one.

Your guest opens the room with their mobile phone. Then they turn on the lights and choose their ideal temperature. All of this can be done with Pier 7's GuestCompass. Online communication with the guest in your own branding and style.


Pier 7 in Vlissingen

Vlissingen. Pier 7 is a beach pavilion with hotel rooms built beneath the boulevard of Vlissingen! All hotel rooms open directly onto the beach. A guest can step from their hotel room right onto the sand, a unique experience in the Netherlands.

Additiona online contact moments

In addition to the initial contact, a guest also receives useful hotel and local information, a digital reception, an online room directory, access and room control, and much more, all with just a simple touch. The GuestCompass environment seamlessly aligns with the unique style and brand experience of Pier 7.

Claim the customer journey

A few days before arrival, every guest of Pier 7 receives an email invitation to activate their mobile key in their GuestCompass. This is a lovely first contact moment that gets the guest excited for their stay. It's as if the guest is already stepping into the hotel while sitting on their couch at home.

Chat software scaled

GuestCompass & GuestConnect

The ability to open a door with a mobile phone has existed for several years, both for home and hotel use. However, it is still not widely adopted by hotels and hotel guests. This represents a missed opportunity because it offers a lot of convenience and the ability to enhance the customer journey.

At Pier 7, we collaborate with HOTEK and ABB. Hotek provides cloud-ready locks that we integrate into our platform, enabling key access through the GuestCompass. The room automation, powered by ABB, is based on KNX, an open standard for building automation.

The GuestCompass authentication platform, GuestConnect, is lock-agnostic. We can control almost any electronic lock, and this applies to both existing setups and new construction. As a result, a hotel is not restricted to a specific brand or the app associated with a particular lock brand.

GuestCompass is not an app

The ability to open the door and control room automation using a web app instead of a dedicated mobile app is unique. Guests don't need to download or install anything, making it incredibly convenient.

Verbinden door technologie

In GuestCompass, technology and hospitality converge. As our name suggests, our journey began in the hospitality sector. It was there that our mission took shape: to empower businesses to regain control over their guest relationships through direct and relevant communication. 

This is important, not only for hotels, but for every industry where personal interaction is valuable.