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In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, it is crucial to optimize processes and streamline information flow. Stichting Sint Jacob, an organization providing care to the elderly, was well aware of the challenges associated with maintaining printed information across their various care locations. These challenges served as the motivation for Sint Jacob to collaborate with GuestCompass, and specifically, with the GuestCompass web app's communication module, to modernize their information provision.

The challenge

Time-consuming, costly, and outdated information binders. Stichting Sint Jacob operates eight care locations providing essential care to the elderly. Although the GuestCompass web app had been active in the Sint Jacob Clinic, the organization's only rehabilitation clinic, for several years, the foundation was struggling with outdated and time-consuming information binders at their other locations. These paper-based sources of information were expensive to maintain and often remained outdated due to frequent changes in healthcare information. Sint Jacob was in search of an efficient replacement for these printed binders.

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GuestCompass the digital information provider

GuestCompass provided the perfect solution for digitizing information provision at Sint Jacob. The GuestCompass web app was equipped with a user-friendly interface designed for an older audience, featuring clear icons that are easy to navigate, even for those who are not particularly digitally inclined. Each location adopted a similar layout, facilitating a standardized internal management process. This allowed Sint Jacob to quickly adapt to changing healthcare needs and keep the information up-to-date.

Why GuestCompass?

Stichting Sint Jacob chose GuestCompass for several reasons. The familiarity with GuestCompass within the foundation, thanks to a successful implementation at the Sint Jacob Clinic, instilled confidence in this partner for digital transformation. GuestCompass excelled in flexibility, enabling it to be quickly tailored to Sint Jacob's specific needs. This ensured that information provision kept pace with changes in the healthcare sector. Another advantage was the ability to provide simple access to caregivers and family members, even from their homes, enhancing communication between caregivers and family.

Special considerations

GuestCompass stood out for its focus on accessibility for older individuals through an intuitive interface. Managing the GuestCompass web application was effortless, even for location managers, promoting consistency and efficiency within the organization.

The success story of Stichting Sint Jacob with GuestCompass is an inspiration for organizations aiming to achieve more efficient information provision and improved healthcare communication in this digitalizing world.

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Reasons for success

Both parties wanted to modernize and streamline the way they share information. GuestCompass was a suitable choice because it could be quickly tailored to their specific needs and was user-friendly. Additionally, it was advantageous that both the elderly residents and their family members could easily access the information, even from a distance.

Verbinden door technologie

In GuestCompass, technology and hospitality converge. As our name suggests, our journey began in the hospitality sector. It was there that our mission took shape: to empower businesses to regain control over their guest relationships through direct and relevant communication. 

This is important, not only for hotels, but for every industry where personal interaction is valuable.