GuestCompass functionality

Overview of the modules

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Hotek + GuestCompass

Access as a means to connect, rather than just for opening doors.

Upon check-in, the guest receives an email with a magic key link. With one click, the guest enters your custom GuestCompass, with a slider as the key, without any download.

The guest discovers the room guide, room service, contact information, the surroundings, and can let you know how they're doing - all in the palm of their hand.

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Build your brand to strengthen loyalty

Before the guest arrives at the hotel, there have been numerous online touchpoints with various parties and tools (e.g., Booking, TripAdvisor, Chat).

However, no one understands and represents your interests like GuestCompass does. Completely customized, tailored to your own color, style, and design. This ensures that the guest always knows exactly with whom they are staying.

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No download or registration required

The combination of GuestCompass and Hotek provides an exceptional guest experience, as it doesn't require logging in to app stores to download an application and register. Guests only need to click on the magical link in the email to access to be able to open their room.

Volledige controle en inzicht

Full control and insight

The GuestCompass CMS and dashboard provide comprehensive control and insight for both guest access and staff or external parties. This allows for precise management of who, when, and where access is granted. In cases where someone is locked out, the door can be remotely opened. Additionally, locks can be controlled based on timers, and there is visibility into the battery status.

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Reduced pressure on the reception and less paper

You have control over when guests gain access via their mobile phones, which is convenient for situations such as groups paying on account or regular guests. This results in significantly less pressure on the reception, allowing more time for personal interaction with guests who desire it.

Furthermore, all the necessary information is now digitally shared with the guests, making the traditional room directory unnecessary. Even room service can be easily ordered online.

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Self-check-in options

The guest check-in always occurs through the PMS. Please refer to the integration page at the bottom to see which PMS systems we are currently connected to. If the PMS itself offers self-check-in options, guests can automatically check in. This often happens only upon full payment. If the PMS does not offer self-check-in, guests can be checked in by the reception once the room is ready and inspected.

The reception staff will then decide who can proceed directly to the room and who they would like to see at the front desk to finalise the check-in.