iLOQ & GuestCompass

Custom iLOQ apps for every situation

About ILOQ

iLOQ is a Finnish manufacturer of digital access solutions. Digital cylinders that operate without electricity, batteries, or even the internet. So, very maintenance-efficient and easy to install.

iLOQ has two types of cylinders. The S5, which operates based on kinetic energy and a generic key, and the S50 cylinder/padlock, which is controlled through NFC and energy transfer via the mobile phone.

For more information about the S5 and S50, please visit the iLOQ website:

The GuestCompass collaboration with iLOQ is focused on the S50 solution with the mobile phone.

I LOQ S50 anker mobile
Critical infrastructure
I LOQ S50 Guest Compass

iLOQ S50 + GuestCompass

Indispensable for:

  • Numerous mutations or many different of users
  • Occasional use of S50 cylinder 
  • Access control via cloud software  
  • Sub-contractor tool for third parties
  • End users to self-issue and manage keys
  • Frequent updates to user permissions
  • Automated issuance of digital keys through integrations
  • Complex access control configurations
  • Effective communication with users
  • Building and strengthening your brand
  • Tailored solutions
Access with NFC

Access with NFC

iLOQ operates through NFC technology. Opening a door, hatch, or cabinet with your phone and NFC is new for many users. Some explanation and clarification is necessary. 

Guest Compass specializes in automated explanations of this technology for each type of phone and user group. As an 18-year-old student has a different perspective on mobile usage than a 55-year-old technician.


GuestCompass integration with iLOQ

GuestCompass has an integration at both the SDK and API level with iLOQ. This means it is possible to use a custom app to operate iLOQ S50, and key management can be automated. 

Additionally, we offer a complete cloud solution for the management and administration of iLOQ functionality.

I LOQ for student housing

(Student) Housing

In the case of automated key issuance, such as with students, residents are invited to register in advance. If desired, residents can independently share digital keys with fellow residents or others.

The management dashboard provides insight into the arrivals and departures of residents, which is essential for supervision and cleaning.

Sub-management is also possible, allowing a third party to issue keys or program key fobs. This enables the custodian or a security company to perform online tasks 24/7, relieving the customer care center.

Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

Sometimes, it is necessary to answer a few security questions before someone is allowed to enter, or to ensure that a space is safe to access. When a phone call needs to be made for this, it can be very time-consuming.

This or other situations can be fully automated with a custom solution from GuestCompass in combination with iLOQ.

Sleutelkluisjes veel

Technical areas

The S50 solution is ideal for technical spaces in buildings or construction sites, such as containers with building materials or mobile office units. Often, many different parties require access to these areas. A digital locking solution is the only way to keep key management transparent and secure.

By using your own custom app, it is easy for the technician to navigate and make notifications as needed. Key management can be fully decentralized up to partner level or even on the construction site itself.

Access management

Access management

The GuestCompass management platform is cloud-based, easy to use on laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and specifically designed to facilitate the seamless transition of many users across various locations. Whether you need to configure 10,000 rooms, control mobile container storage, manage electrical cabinets, or oversee lockers, everything is user-friendly and highly customizable. 

Use the sub-management tool to delegate access for specific locations to third parties, allowing you to maintain oversight without the added workload.

GuestCompass functionality

Below, you will find a summary of applications created by GuestCompass, specifically for iLOQ users

Key friends
Flexible user rights
Fast registration
Custom app