Connecting through technology

About GuestCompass

In GuestCompass, technology and hospitality converge. As our name suggests, our journey began in the hospitality sector. It was there that our mission took shape: to empower businesses to regain control over their guest relationships through direct and relevant communication.

This is important, not only for hotels. In every sector, personal contact is valuable. From tenants to subcontractors and from supervisors to engineers : everyone who visits your site should be regarded as a guest.

Why GuestCompass?

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We know how to implement digital access for 1000's of users.

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Strengthen your brand.

With a digital platform in your branding, color & style.

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Keyless entry

Provide digital access: clear, secure, and convenient.

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Integrate GuestCompass with your existing systems.

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Take control of your customer relationship

Through relevant and direct communication.

ALWAYS the best user experience so everyone feels WELCOME

Our goal is not just to grant access. For us, access is a means to establish connections

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We would love for you to share some of your valuable time with us. Interested in technology that connects? Send us an email