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Always welcome
Treat everyone as if they are your guest

When you hear the word 'guest,' you might think of a hotel or restaurant. However, someone renting a home or a technician needing to access a technical space is also a guest.

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Tenants, clients, subcontractors, or technicians: thanks to GuestCompass, you can give everyone a warm welcome. We empower you to regain control of your relationship with your guests by allowing you to establish genuine contact with them again.

'But first, let's give them smart access!'


Grant access to everyone who needs it, intelligently, user-friendly, and securely. No more hassle with (master) keys, cards, or PIN codes. You only need your phone

  • Fully automated key management. 
  • Easy access sharing with neighbours, family members, or colleagues.
  • Safety first: no more physical keys lying around.
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Thanks to relevant, up-to-date, and personalized communication, you regain control over your relationship with your guests. From guests to tenants, from drivers to technicians, with GuestCompass, you make contact and connect.

  • The right message, at the right time.
  • A digital platform in your own branding.
  • Intuitive to use; guests understand it instantly.
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You decide who can enter where, and when. In our user-friendly dashboard, you regain control over your access points, and you can see exactly who is coming and going.

  • Decentralized key system.
  • Customizable rights structures, ensuring compliance at all times.
  • Thanks to audit trails, you always know who has been where.
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Modular registration

Integrated manual, a pre-access checklist, entry via a single code, or an initial set of security questions? All achievable through our meticulously designed registration module. Tailored for the ultimate user experience.

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Feedback module

Is a room clean, are your guests satisfied? This information is crucial for every organization to ensure a successful and efficient operation. The feedback module makes it easy for users to quickly share relevant information.

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PMS connect module

By integrating with the PMS, we consistently deliver relevant information. Our platform becomes personalized and smart, enabling guests to request room service without the need to input their name or room number.

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Communication module

The possibilities in the communication module are endless, ranging from a digital room directory, forms to upload photos, reservations to an integration with the TripAdvisor API. The application of these features can be tailored to your preferences.

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Push messages + inbox

Push messages are a powerful communication tool to stay in touch with your users. With our push message inbox, users can easily view the latest messages from the past 30 days. So no one has to miss a notification anymore.

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Data & Analytics

Access log, page reviews, lock battery status, user registration, and arrival information are essential for an efficient organization. The data is available at different permission levels, depending on the audience and application.

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