Feedback End screen

Use the End screen to thank your guest for completing the review or offering an upsell.

Your guest uses our feedback module to let you know how they like their stay. He takes the trouble for that. It is a good time to thank him for that, or to bind him to you through a loyalty or other promotion.

As soon as the feedback has been entered, a locking plate will appear, which we can link to wherever you want. If you want to adjust your strike plate, or want to change the link where it goes, please let us know using the form below.

Your own End screen 

Choose below (click on ‘View the examples’) which strike plate you want to use. Send the form so that we can format the plate with your text and to your taste, and link it to where you want it.

  • Thank you; discount on tickets
  • Thank you; a drink in your bar
  • Promote your sandwich sales
  • Promote skip cleaning (again soon😉)
  • Promote your bike rental
  • Promote your ticket sales
  • Promote your late – check out
  • Promote your Loyalty program

Don’t have a feedback module yet?

Don’t have a feedback module at all yet? Then click on the button below.

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      ©® 2020 GuestCompass