Guest feedback during the stay

Dynamic feedback module


With the dynamic feedback module, the guest gives their opinion while he is still with you. The reception receives the reports immediately and can take action quickly if necessary.
Bad feedback can therefore be received and resolved, so that your guest leaves satisfied after all. The management keeps a finger on the pulse through the monthly report and sees whether the trend is going in the right direction.


The feedback

The module starts with a welcome and a question that is rated “not happy” “OK” or “very happy” using smileys.

You should take immediate action, especially if you are not happy!

Then multiple questions can be added, which are rated with 1 to 5 stars, or be skipped if necessary.
After the last question there is room for comments, where name and room number is required. When that is done, a clickable “striker plate” comes that forwards the guest where you want.

It looks like this

The report

There is an automatic monthly report, which you can also view on your phone via a magic link.
The report includes:
• The customer satisfaction score
• The number of feedbacks and comments completed
• The score, per question
• From this month, but also the previous months to see the trend

It looks like this

Call to action

The strike plate can become your ‘call to action’ to the guest, or a sign of gratitude for filling in the feedback, for example a discount on a canal tour, which they of course order from you.

We have prepared a number of striker plates, which can be adjusted to your taste. To see them, click the button.


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