What is the added value?

Online guest experience


The guest has many online contact moments during their stay at the hotel. Contact moments that offer an opportunity to be closer to the guest and thus prevent third parties and other brands from taking over the guest relationship. How to deal with this differs per situation. See below what the impact could be for you.


Independent hotel

The hotelier of a owned hotel actually has twenty different jobs. From sales, IT and HR to head of kitchen, finance and operations. As if that was not enough, social media and the internet have been added. Facebook, twitter, (responsive) website, SEO, Adwords, OTA to email marketing, new daily tasks that did not exist ten years ago. Especially now that the intimacy between online and personal contact for the guest is getting closer together, it is crucial to respond to this as an independent hotel. GuestCompass enables the hotel and employees to also use your specific distinguishing factor and personal contact online during the stay. To maintain and strengthen your own brand and the direct guest relationship in this way. Initially aimed at the ultimate guest experience, but of course also the aim to generate more direct bookings, increase in-room sales and create more and better reviews.

Hotel chain

Guest experience, loyalty, and rebooking are all things that have a strong focus within local chains. Where synergy can come into its own optimally. You can get even closer to the guest via your own online platform. Where there is also direct communication with the guest between stays. Ideal to fill the quiet months and to bring the different hotels to the attention of every guest. The special thing about our platform is that even a hotel group with different hotel styles can give each hotel its own design. The way to experience your unique experience online and to strengthen brand awareness and guest loyalty program. Summarizing; a full guest experience, more direct bookings, higher in-room sales and more and better reviews.

Franchise hotel

How do you ensure that you keep your own identity and competitive edge locally within the joint sales & marketing initiatives. Are your own Facebook pages used or is this done from corporate? The websites are often managed centrally. So that there is synergy and uniformity. Since the website is focused on conversion, this works well. Beautiful photos, reviews, location, availability and price are information that can be controlled centrally. However, the website is not visited to a minimum by guests who have checked in. The online contact moments during the stay are aimed at local interaction. GuestCompass offers every hotel the possibility to also contact the guest online during the stay. In order to fully manage the guest relationship, independently of third brands. The way to experience your unique experience online and to strengthen brand awareness and the guest loyalty program. Summarizing; a full guest experience, more direct bookings, higher in-room sales and more and better reviews.

Bed & Breakfast

Where the guestbook, information folder and leaflets were sufficient for a long time, the guest in a B&B now also expects more information online. Where can I eat out, what is happening this week, how do I rent a car or order a taxi. Recurring questions that can be easily answered with your personal web app. Initially aimed at guest experience, but of course also with the aim of generating more direct bookings and creating more and better reviews.

Holiday Park & ​​Camping

You share all your park data with your guests in a simple and guest-friendly way. All facilities, offers and recreation programs are beautiful and easy to find online. This way, guests always have the most up-to-date information. In this way you save on time, handling on arrival, printing and welcome packages. It becomes easier for the guest to order and reserve extras, so a higher turnover and a higher guest experience is the result.

Short Stay

The great advantage of the GuestCompass for Short Stay organizations is the possibility to always be close to their own guest. From the point they leave the check-in location to their apartment. In the apartment, the guest uses your own GuestCompass for all user manuals in the home. From the TV, the washing machine to the dishwasher. In addition, the guest feels completely at home with the tips from the immediate area. Where do I do my shopping, what is a nice restaurant and how does public transport work. If there is still something, the guest can use the live chat function, send a form with a photo or of course call you directly. Everything is found via their own telephone, so even when they enter the city, they still receive assistance. In addition, our Review Accelerator ensures that more 8+ reviews are left on tripadvisor or so far via the GuestCompass.

Online contact moments

GuestCompass enables the hotel, from small to large, and the employees to also be the guide for the guest online. In its own name and brand. To surprise and connect the guest. The result is a stronger brand, more and better reviews and more referrals.

In addition, with GuestCompass you offer the guest a fantastic extra experience that results in less internet – more vacation.


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