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KPN is discontinuing ISDN


KPN has officially indicated that it will stop offering single and multiple ISDN 1/2 and multiple PSTN on September 1, 2019. As a result, your telephony, alarm and / or fax will no longer function from 1 September if you use ISDN lines.


ISDN is going away

ISDN is an analogue service and is therefore being phased out. VoIP or calling via the internet is the solution for the near future. Everyone already has an internet line, with VoIP you can also use it for telephony. If you still use ISDN lines, it is wise to find out in time what is the best solution for you.

Switch to VoIP

It is possible that the telephone exchange can be converted from ISDN to VoIP. Or the plant can be completely removed by switching to cloud services. In any case, it is no longer necessary to make large investments in expensive new power stations.

What is VoIP

VoIP telephony stands for Voice over IP, or in other words: calling via the internet. Very simple actually: you already have an internet connection and with VoIP you can also use it for your telephony. With VOIP you no longer need a physical exchange. This is in the internet and you can set the telephony there yourself. You connect telephones to the internet with a cable and register automatically at your online exchange. This is possible anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.


GuestCompass works together with hetnieuwetelefoneren.nl to advise hotels, campsites and bungalow parks about the best VoIP solutions. For example a cloud solution, which does not require a central unit, or an adjustment to the current central unit.

Call to action

The strike plate can become your ‘call to action’ to the guest, or a sign of gratitude for filling in the feedback, for example a discount on a canal tour, which they of course order from you.

We have prepared a number of striker plates, which can be adjusted to your taste. To see them, click the button.

GuestCompass also offers the VoIP hotel telephone module. This allows guests to make direct calls within and even outside the hotel at no cost.


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