Using qr code

It’s that easy

January 2019

The QR code can be scanned directly with the camera function of the phone. Separate QR apps are no longer necessary. The ideal way to refer the guest to the GuestCompass or to send them to specific pages. Such as room service or breakfast information.


Scan QR code with iPhone

Open the camera function of the phone and aim at the QR code. A blue bar with the link appears at the top of the screen. Click on this. See the video below for an example.

Scan QR code with Android

Hold down the home button, then click the camera icon. Aim at the QR code and tap the QR code on the camera screen. See the movie below for an example.

Google Lens for Android

If you don’t immediately get the Google Lens icon after pressing the home button on the Android phone, click on the 4 dots at the bottom. After this, the Google lens icon will appear.

2019, the year of the QR codes

You grab your phone, scan a QR code and enter a code. A few seconds later, the payment is completed. That’s how it goes at Lescluze chip shop in Antwerp, but it’s no wonder that this doesn’t immediately evoke recognition in you. Belgians regularly use QR code payments, while the Dutch are not very familiar with them. That will change this year, specialists expect.

In the Netherlands, we already use the QR code on boarding passes, in hospitals, in public transport (such as shared bicycles) and in online banking. But we have our debit card for payments in stores. Nowadays, all smartphones can scan QR codes ‘real-time’, which means that specialists in the Netherlands also see a future for the QR code as a payment method.

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