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Residential care organization De Zorgboog went on an ‘expedition’ in 2017. To gain more insight into what the (residential) care landscape will look like in 2030. Which concepts are used? Who pays for that? What role does technology play? What does the customer want? At the beginning of 2018, a trial was started with GuestCompass in the Moeraseik, in collaboration with Bureau fiftig. A location of the Zorgboog in Helmond with 44 spacious homes.



What applies to all care locations in the Netherlands applies to Moeraseik: the shortage of personnel is growing. In order to age comfortably, embracing technology can be helpful and it is necessary that seniors provide a pleasant and safe living environment with and for each other. De Zorgboog sees it as its task to facilitate (the emergence of) the desired ‘community’ based on the CCV model (contact, comfort and safety).


GuestCompass and De Zorgboog want to investigate whether it is possible to strengthen the cohesion between residents and between residents and the organization by using a digital platform. After starting at the Moeraseik, the trial was expanded to two other locations of the Zorgboog.

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De Zorgboog is an organization for nursing, care and living in the Helmond region. Young and old can come to De Zorgboog for, among other things, prenatal care, maternity care, youth healthcare, nutrition and diet information, living with care, rehabilitation, nursing, care and terminal care. About 2,800 employees and more than 1,000 volunteers work at De Zorgboog.

For more information about the use of a GuestCompass in healthcare, please contact Rene Stamer. email:


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