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If your customer likes to read the newspaper, it can be nice to put it on the GuestCompass. Especially now that is also so hygienic.

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On Texel we work together with the Texelse Courant. They deliver their news in a format that is ideally readable in the GuestCompass. Moreover, you will be kept informed of all the fairs and events that are going on on Texel. 

Are you not on Texel? We can also integrate your own newspaper subscription, with or without a password, for example the NY times or Het Parool.

Texelse Courant is free for all packages, other newspapers free from Basic package

Your guests or customers will be kept informed of what is happening at your or their home. Our Texel customers have access to the Texelse Courant through us, if you need help, or if you want a different newspaper on the GuestCompass, please contact us.

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